Saturday, September 1, 2007

Esther Passaris

I read in the September 2007 issue of Eve Magazine that Esther Passaris when asked of one great thing she would still like to do, said she would love to get married. Every woman, deep down, has a need for the covering that a husband provides. I appreciate that Esther is not afraid to stand up and say so despite the fact that she is the MD of Adop-a-light and the founder of One in a million. The one in a million site ( an excellent place for Kenyan's and others to join hands and make a difference. I dare say that her desire to be married puts the two of us in one pot (at least on that issue). I would love to meet her and just shake her hand... nah... I will just give her a big old hug!!

PS: Should she ever want to be president of this beautiful country, she has my vote!


lizze said...

Hi, came across your post when I was searching for Esther Passaris. Love your blog. I'll def visit baadaye when I am not in a hurry and thinking of going home.

Can I put you on my blogroll?

totallyfemale kenyan girl

kenyangal said...

Lizze, please do put me on your blogroll. Thanks for leaving a message and please feel free to visit any time you are free.